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who we are

We are people just like you who have made a decision to volunteer our time to assist others in thier time of emergency. We train to provide the best service we can to the citizens of Nassau Bay. We work at all the places you do, we have families and like to enjoy life. But when the tone for response goes out we step into the position of fire fighters. We are men and women serving the community.

Our Roster

Currently we have 43 members on our roster. From 18 - 80 years of age. Our members live or work in the Nassau Bay area. Those who work in the area may live in another city, but can respond during daytime hours. Those who work outside the area who can't respond during the daytime hours, respond at night.

What We Do

We all volunteer the amount of time we can. Training is conducted at night and on weekends so as not to interfere with working hours. We gather at the fire station on Tuesday nights for meetings and training. On Saturdays we meet on more unscheduled circumstances to work on items, go out to lunch, or complete some specialized training.

When the tone goes out for a response we respond to the fire station, put on our gear and respond in NBVFD apparatus to the scene. These scenes can be from assisting someone, a car accident, a water rescue, a fire alarm, a hazardous materials incident, a car fire or a structure fire.

We respond to approximately 50 fires a year. These can be car fires to structure fires. We respond with other agencies when they need assistance, this is called Mutual Aid. We also call those same agencies when we are in need of assistance. Our call volume averages over 260 calls per year.


How do you become a member?

It is actually easier then you may think.

  • Come by the fire station at 7:00pm on a Tuesday night or contact us stating you are interested in becoming a member.

  • Complete an application.


The NBVFD will provide you with the training you need to become a fire fighter. No prior training is required.


The NBVFD provides all the fire fighting equipment you will need.


The most important benefit you will receive is the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people in your community. This may be surprising but when you see the faces of those you are assisting you will understand.

The City of Nassau Bay provides the members of the NBVFD a retirement plan. After your probationary period of six months you become eligible to join this plan.


Volunteers since 1967.

Have you decided to serve your community today?